There isn’t anyone else available to you, unless you want to show up with someone else, someone that you aren’t, someone you role play in the hope that you’ll seem more legit. 

But we would prefer that you come as you are. As you really are.

Our hope then is to provide a safe place where you can explore the reality of Jesus with all of the questions, concerns and doubts that typically entails, believing that if Jesus is the truth as he said he was, then that will withstand scrutiny. When you are ready to go deeper into relationship with Jesus, we will welcome and celebrate that. Until then, if you are not yet a believer you are free to be who you are. And if you are a believer you are equally free. It’s that simple.

Just show up at any Gathering. Weekly worship, teaching, or  Community Meals. You’ll be welcome. Come over for sandwiches after any Sunday service, you’ll be welcome. Show up any Wednesday evening if you want someone to pray for you with no pressure or expectations. Stay after to play music or just listen. You’ll be welcome. Drop in on the Second Sunday of each month and eat breakfast with us before heading out to work side-by-side for the good of someone else. Just show up. You’ll be welcome.

I guess what we’re saying is, come whenever you want and however you are.

You’ll be welcome.