By the Fire – Part 2

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Seven of the disciples have been fishing. All night. In John’s Gospel, nothing good happens at night. No fish. Despite their toil, effort, knowledge, they catch nothing. Then at daybreak, as the light begins to dawn, the darkness dispelled, Jesus stands on the shore and calls out: “you haven’t caught any fish, have you?” The […]

Easter 2013

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Running after this mystery which holds the key to our ultimate identity  does not make our lives any easier. In fact, it seems to complicate them, yet we know that there is only one way to go if we wish for integrity. We cannot escape the burden of mystery… -Barbara Doherty. She was still in […]

By the Fire

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You are tired. Confused. It is the early hours of the morning and still dark. Sitting by a fire, you are shivering because it is cold, and because you are afraid. You cannot quiet your mind, your thoughts race without purpose or order. You sense movement and your mind goes still, but there is no […]